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getting started - faqs

Finding the perfect place can be tricky. Don't spend any more time scouring search engines and visiting properties. Give us a call today and let READY SET RENT Apartment Locators get to work for you.

Q: How much does it cost to use your locating service?

A: Our apartment finder services are 100% free. We simplify the apartment search process and do all the work for you. Just remember to list us on your application and mention READY SET RENT Apartment Locators to the leasing consultant! 


Apartments pay us out of their advertising budget, so you don't have to worry about our service affecting your rent price. Think of us as your one-stop-resource for all the things you need to move into your next place (that includes referrals for moving companies, furniture rentals, and even great restaurant recommendations!). 

Q: What items will I need to preview apartments?

A: Either a copy of your passport or a driver's license. 

Q: What paperwork is required from me for the application process?

A: A form of ID and proof of income (e.g., pay stubs, bank statements, tax forms) is sufficient. However every property is different and will explain the details to you when leasing.

Q: What are the costs associated with leasing an apartment?

A: Typically there is an application fee, admin fee, and deposit. Sometimes these fees are waived with look-and-lease specials and the deposit is based upon credit but if you figure between $500-$1,000 plus your first month's rent, you should be covered.

Q: Can I do my paperwork from another city?

A: Yes! Almost all websites have the capability to reserve apartments online.

Q: How soon should I start my apartment search?

A: Most properties are on a 60-day notice, so that's the time frame we recommend. If you look too early, you may miss out on look-and-lease specials which can save you money! As rental experts, we will help you navigate the search process armed with market data and apartment specials to save you time and money. 

Q: I'm ready to get started! What's the next step?

A: By filling out a quick form (e.g., price range, desired amount of bedrooms, amenities that are important to you), we'll get to work so you'll be on your way to an extensive list of places that meet your lifestyle and budgetary requirements. 


We do all the heavy lifting: the searching, the calling, the narrowing-down. We then set up an appointment for you to join us at our office to review the list of properties tailored to you. After visiting the apartments together and letting us work directly with the leasing agents to get you the best deal at your favorite place, next thing you know you'll be signing your lease! It's that simple - when you work with READY SET RENT

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